Cops bust 21-year-old female drug mule, Luisa Gill, with 50 condoms of cocaine in her stomach

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Police said Luisa Gill, 21, was caught at Boston's Logan Airport with 50 latex condoms of cocaine stored in her stomach.

Police said Luisa Gill, 21, was caught at Boston’s Logan Airport with 50 latex condoms of cocaine stored in her stomach.


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A young woman was busted drug smuggling charges after cops said she swallowed nearly a pound of cocaine before boarding a flight from theDominican Republic and landing inBoston.

Cops said New Jersey resident Luisa Gill, 21, swallowed 50 condoms packed full of cocaine carrying a street value of approximately $50,000, then hopped on the JetBlue flight Saturday.

Customs agents at Boston’s Logan Airport questioned Gill after noticing see seemed jittery.

Gill eventually admitted she had ingested the drugs and was taken to a local hospital where doctors retrieved the stash.

Authorities said the situation wasn’t uncommon – drug mules have been ferrying drugs into Mexico and South America for decades – but the size of the load was shocking.

“That’s a lot of dope,” former DEA agent Chris Egan told Boston’s Fox 25.

Egan said it was possible that she took shots of olive oil to lubricate her throat before swallowing the packages.

Gill was scheduled to be arraigned in East Boston District Court on Monday.


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