Footage Of Jamie Foxx Fight Surfaces

In February 2011, Nonsensical News on February 20, 2011 at 8:12 am

By The Urban Daily on February 11, 2011

Jamie Foxx fightVideo footage of the fight Jamie Foxx was involved in at Los Angeles club Avalon has surfaced.  TMZ has the footage which shows that it was more than just a little scuffle as was originally reported.

In the two videos that were posted security guards can be seen breaking up the fight.  TMZ spoke with an eyewitness who was near the action who says that it started with Foxx in a long conversation with the other person.  It progressed into a pretty “intense handshake” that culminated in the other person managing to get Foxx in a headlock.

Security broke up the altercation in a manner of seconds and escorted Jamie Foxx out of the club.

Click here to watch the video on TMZ!

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