Mind Over Matter

In February 2011, Quotes and Motivated Sayings on February 28, 2011 at 10:25 am

By Reason of Temporary Sanity

Now when God fashioned human beings, He planted in them emotions and inclinations. But at the same time He enthroned the mind among the senses as a sacred governor over them all. 4 Maccebees 2:21-22…The mind was chosen to lead and enforce the law…by the authority invested in it, by God…and thoroughly tested by the rod…of affliction. We’ve been given the ability to reason…the mental power, concerned with forming sound judgments and conclusions…the good senses that God gave us, but we often fail to use them. Preferring to disregard the sign on the right door…for the feelings that lure…us away. Encouraging us not to abstain, restrain, keep a tight reign…over our emotions.

The mind is able to overthrow, anger…lust and devotion. Quench the flames of frenzied desires, mid sentence and in motion. No one can eradicate or uproot the presence of them…but reason can subdue and lead them…into control. Reason is the Protagonist of every Soul…superior in wisdom and knowledge, when allowed to play the lead role. The head Honcho…in charge of self-control. From this you should gather…If we let the Mind be over us nothing else will matter. For not by might, nor by power but by the Spirit…can we over come it…not lose our minds in the mist of it!



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