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I RISE…Encouraging Self Empowerment, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth Reclaiming Authentic Power & the Goddess Diva Within!

Posted by Towana Hodges  March 2, 2011

LOVE being a WOMAN!  We are intelligent, graceful, VERSATILE, CREATIVE sexy, FEMININE, Curvy, Nurturing, Healing, BEAUTIFUL, GENTLE, supportive, TENACIOUS, sassy, spunky, FUNKY & FLY! Yes there is EVERYTHING beautiful about being a WOMAN who celebrates her Womanhood……LOVINGLY & Gracefully. Celebrating you…celebrating ME. Real Talk DIVAS: ARE you LIVING or JUST existing? Are you TEACHING or just doing? Are you experiencing your PASSIONS, CREATING your DREAMS, your LEGACY? Are you BITTER or have you HEALED enough to TRULY experience LOVE? Are you BEING you or FITTING IN? Are you GIVING yourENERGY to complaints, negativity, depression, pessimism OR are you experiencing LAUGHTER, LOVE, & LIFE? A REAL Queen stays in rein evenwith minor distractions. So you already know I am loving LIFE in every position possible.

As Women we should be working on the weaknesses of today’s woman?

1.Building Self esteem.

2.Excepting Responsibility for our own choices and actions.

3.Taking care of ourselves as well as care of those around us.

4.Refusing to be vunerable with each other.Fear of appearing weak.

Some women sell themselves short and second guess themselves too much! That lack of self-confidence along with the poor perception ofsuccessful women and disproportionate household responsibilities holds back so many women from achieving what they could have achieved. I believe today’s woman has little or no access to certain vital traditions that have enabled our ancestors to raise their children withcertain values and attentiveness that’s required to raise emotionally sound children. Too many kids are without direction and it’s becausethey have no sense of REAL culture and traditions. Everything today just seems so generic and frivolous! I was born in the 80’s but my upbringing has allowed me to see the past and incorporate it into the present. Not meaning to be so vague and also not to imply that all women should lead the same lifestyle……Simple household tasks like cooking seems like it’s becoming extinct. Lots of women no longer know how to hold down a household so we have McDonald’s for dinner, nasty homes & kids running around w/ith no manners or home training. I believe that’s a major weakness and the “woman of today” may beg to differ. Building stronger community between one another,sharing valued information on education, health,wealth. We must open the door for learning, teaching,growing & sharing. Inspiration come in all forms, it is up to us to seek it and mold it into the creation we want it to be. Bring out the creativity and strength in others. Lead by example. We DIVAS can do seminars on ethics,etiquette & self-esteem among our little DIVAS.

A WOMAN should have a CIRCLE of SISTERS (friends) that she can EMBRACE, BUILD, CRY, SHARE, LAUGH & LOVE. We all have them..those friends that are’nt quite your friends! Frienemies = friends you know don’t really like you and you don’t like them either,fake friends you have for selfish purposes.But it comes a time when WE ALL AS WOMEN MUST RISE ABOVE THE BULLSHIT!  When we SAY things LIKE “I CAN’T STAND FEMALES” or Idon’t DEAL with “WOMEN”;we TEACH that SAME degenerative behavior to OURDAUGHTERS.We should be trying to establish a SISTERHOOD bringing ALL women into QUEENS through love, training and culture. We won’t be productive without unity. A community without SISTERHOOD is destined to BE DYSFUNCTIONAL.  WE are the FIRST teachers. We are the mothers ofcivilization the foundation of which the world stands. We are NOT in COMPETITION with each other. We need each other! Join Us DIVAS on our CREATIVE LOVE JOURNEY . Creating, Expressing, Affirming, Manifesting, Doing, Growing, Learning, Nurturing, Accepting, Receiving, Dancing, Singing, Committing, Experiencing, Trusting, Leading, Following, Regenerating, Freeing, Thanking, Sharing, Kissing,Hugging, Seeing, Hearing,Enjoying, Speaking, Arousing, Meditating , Praying, Changing, Loving…..Living!  “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching”.

”Aspire to Inspire before you Expire”! This is the Moment…This is the TIME!


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Allisha LaVonne Brizant –  I love this ladies and it’s very eye opening,true and most of all positive! Yall are right when you say that too often as women we’re in competition with each other and hatin’ on the next sista cuz she fly or whatever frivolous reason because all too often we allow men to pit us against each other. What’s funny is at the end of the days, more times often than not, men stick together and women has segregated themselves..because she has longer hair, or more men like her, she dresses nice, she has money, etc. You’re right is BULLSHIT!! I’ve always hated the term that I’d hear (even from some of my own girlfriends and family), “I don’t like women, or I don’t F with too many women”. A lot of times I’d sit back and observe that person,and the reality is they don’t like themselves or want to deal with a woman like themselves. It’s crazy. Like I continually say if you go into anything with negative PRE-conceived ideas it will remain that way and you will get out of it exactly what you’re putting in! I, for one, choose to be my sista’s keeper and although we can’t save them all..wedamn sure can set an example.

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