??? What Privacy???

In Nonsensical News on March 24, 2014 at 7:04 am


Privacy is an ILLUSION! Did you ever have that feeling like someone was watching you or listening to your private conversations? Your NOT paranoid if you feel like you are not alone even when you actually are alone. Guess what? your instinct is right. The NSA is ALWAYS watching and listening. Did you know that YOU , ME and EVERYONES telephone and internet records are all on file with the NSA? Satellites , drones , security cameras , licenses plate cameras , fast past lanes. It’s becoming more and more evident that privacy is a thing of the past. Entertainment systems like XBOXONE, and Playstation 4 can be hacked and used to watch what is going on in your house.
Where does the line between homeland security and privacy violation lye? Congress has passed many laws that have made it easier to violate our privacy without it being considered a violation. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2013, or CISPA, was passed by the House of Representatives in April 2013 and is making its way closer and closer to President Obama’s desk. The bill first needs to be passed by the Senate, who voted down un-revised version of the bill last spring. If passed, the bill — which was previously titled the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 — would allow companies to share information with the U.S. government in hopes of assisting the government in the investigations of cyber attacks on companies.
  One of the major concerns with the proposed bill is the issue of personal privacy. The bill would allow consumer’s personal information that was given to businesses to be shared with the government top-secret spy agencies.
So what exactly does this bill mean for you?
It means that you could possibly become more vulnerable to identity theft and other scams. The bill would allow companies to give your personal information to the government, giving more strangers access to your identity. The reality is that anyone — even government employees — can commit identity theft. It’s also important to remember that government agencies can also be hacked, so there is still a possibility that your personal information could be stolen by hackers and used. The bottom line is that the bill would allow more people access to your personal information, which is never a good idea.

Where do you stand with having your civil liberties/rights violated?
~Written by Towana Hodges TrueDiva

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