In Nonsensical News on April 25, 2014 at 2:55 am

Mr. “Think Like A Man” Says Mimi’s (and Nikko’s) Sex Tape Won’t Be Worth Her Reputation


During his radio show, Harvey went on to tell women not to enter the sex trade because:

“You’re putting your most precious gift out on display,” he said. “For a pearl, you gotta dive to the bottom of the ocean…ain’t no diamonds laying on top of the earth; they don’t grow like corn. This thing every man got to have: your body. Your precious jewel. You’re sitting on a gold mine. Please act like it, young ladies. Act like you’re sitting on a gold mine, because it is what every man is after. And we will pay dearly for it.”

But Harvey doesn’t talk about Nikko’s role in the sex tape.

NewsOne’s Terrell J. Starr says that if Harvey is really in the business of helping women act like ladies, he has to encourage men not to treat them like sluts.

“Uneven gender critiques of poor sexual choices allow for patriarchal assessments to label women “whores” while absolving the whore mongers who pursue them,” Starr writes.

Read his op-ed and tell us in the poll at the bottom of the story if you agree with Starr or not.
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