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Tampa Man Shot in the Face by Police TWICE During Suicide Call | The Free Thought Project

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Morgan Freeman Dismisses ‘White Privilege’ in 7 Words

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I love the label SUPER SLAVE and it seems to fit here. Our ancestors were enslaved, but some of these would be house negros these days are indeed Super Slaves. They desperately want to please the oppressor. These are the ones that Harriet Tubman was referring to when she said, “I freed thousands of slaves; I could have freed more if they knew they were slaves”. Morgan Freeman’s black azz came from the deep dark dirt roads of Kuntree Memphis eating ribs 👀 so why is he acting like some New Age Negro, he knows that there is white privilege. I 100% approve of the label..SUPER SLAVE. I guess now I’ll have to put Morgan on the same list with Tiger Woods (even though Tiger doesn’t understand that part of his heritage is African.) It’s clear that some people who have “made it” have forgotten about the struggle that other Black people have to go through. Real talk even some of the caucasian folks accept the idea of there being a such thing as White Privilege. So how is Morgan Freeman a Black man going to ignore it???

👏👏 Much Respect👍Real people 👤 DO REAL things. #💯

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Awww look at Blue sitting on daddy Jay Z’s lap watching mommy Beyonce perform Drunken Love. 😑 These VMA performances are way too much..:? Did they forget that kids were watching??? #Beyonce #NikkiM really ladies??

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Wow!! This is something. I have said it before and I will say it again-the conspiracy is real. Watch out for the smoke and mirrors. They are planting all this in place with the beheading of the American Journalist and capitalizing on the crisis in Ferguson. This is CRAZY!

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Hundreds in Oakland march to support Ferguson protesters – SFGate

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WSJ Editor: Holder Needs to Tell Ferguson to ‘Stay Out of Trouble, Pull Up Their Pants and Take Care of Their Kids’ – The Root

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Fuc* him and that bs he’s talking. Attack the REAL life threatening issues as a black leader. His attention and focus is greatly misplaced. Smdh…

LA health officials warn of flesh eating bacteria

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Are things finally calming down in Ferguson, MO?

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