Movies and What You Are Really Watching.

In Nonsensical News on September 21, 2014 at 2:54 am

Movies are planned by the manipulators of events, they entertain you, then spook reality as if it is sureal, when it has been a plan in action all along,  Movies are a way to soften and harden people’s hearts to what is real or fake….basically confusion to the uncritical thinker. I always say movies are just prepping us for what’s to come. Predictive programing. People say these movies depict future plans. Most believe it’s a bs conspiracy theory. Old movie are speaking for the future agenda…. Smh Long kiss goodnight = the 9/11 incident , Purge 2 = Anarchy watch them. Do you also remember the year the movie below came out, a few weeks later an entire village was wiped out in Africa and nobody knew anything about a virus called “Ebola”? Hollywierd always has it’s pulse on world matters, they will always show their hand in sci-fi or disaster films. Keep fighting for equality in these streets. Stand up for the people. Fight the things that we can change. Their message is and has always out there * each one reach one teach one. Knowledge is key. Unity among ALL people is a must. They are trying to kill off as many people as possible to be able to control the population better when this world order hits. But it’s funny how at lot of these outbreaks start in Africa or is it just me? Why are they experimenting in our genes? Because our genes hold the key towards they’re salvation, their life. We had longevity until they started testing on us. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I read the ebola virus made it’s debut in 1975. ~TrueDiva 👑 Queen T

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