Welcome to DIVATALK

My name is Towana Hodges, and I’m the Founder, President and the host of DIVATALK Radio.

We at DIVATALK are dedicated to educating, inspiring and compeling today’s modern woman to use her gifts and talents to engage our culture in effective and fulfilling ways, that will make an important and lasting impact on our generation and future generations, and that work in concert with their varied and increasingly complex roles as women.

DIVATALK is a fast paced entertaining information rich internet talk show that examines daily life from the perspectives of women. A live, call in show focused on empowering women to achieve their dreams.Diva Talk is a unique show for women that will help to get you moving, no matter what age you are.

In addition our qualified DIVATALK team also keeps readers updated on the hottest issues of the day, delivering a variety of fresh and heartfelt points of view on our website. Plus, to support today’s woman who finds herself juggling many responsibilities at the same time the world is rapidly changing, we also provide helpful and encouraging suggestions for family, relationships and self – body, soul, and spirit.

So, here’s to


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